How to underline text in android

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Sometimes we want to add some html like styles in our text. There are 3 different approach to do it:

  • By using SpannableString
  • By using setPaintFlags() method of view
  • By using Html.fromHtml()
  • By using string resource xml

1. Using SpannableString

To make text underline, put below given line of code in onCreate method of your activity:

2. Using setPaintFlags()

We can use setPaintFlags method to make a text underline:

3. Using Html.fromHtml(htmlString)

We can use Html.fromHtml(htmlString) to add html like styles:

4. Using string resource xml

It can be achieved if we are using a string resource xml file, which supports HTML tags like <b></b>, <i></i> and <u></u>.


In this example, I have tried to demonstrate all 4 approach to underline a text. Several html tags are supported if you want to use approach 3 and 4.

Here is the result screen of this example

Result of sample

How to make text underline?

Step 1: Create a new project in Android Studio and name it Underline text in android.

Step 2: Open res -> layout -> activity_main.xml and add following code


Step 3: Open your and onCreate method set your desired font for view. Source of my is given below:

Step 4: Open res -> values ->strings.xml and replace it with below given code.

Step 5: Clean and run the project to see the result.

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